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A’okay & Nani Nature
Bede and Denise (A’okay & Nani Nature) combine their experience in leading educational programs for schools, science centers, and summer camps with their talent for teaching creative play. This is how they create the magic of “Circus Nature.” Circus Nature’s mission is to promote healing and teaching with cooperative play.

Their blend of storytelling with role-play, their enlightening performances, and their ability to inspire new games from free play has delighted participants and audiences of all ages. They offer entertaining programs at schools, camps, community events, parties, and festivals. T

hese two fantastically whimsical artists bring the circus and toys from their home in the mountains above Willow Creek, California. They perform everywhere people play together & inspire all to be “A’okay.”



Something Ridiculous

Something Ridiculous
is a high-energy juggling and acrobatic act performed by slapstick stuntmen Mark Wilder and VonJon. Juggling almost anything they can get their hands on, the comic duo climbs up a free-standing ladder, onto a ten-foot-tall unicycle, or on top of each other's shoulders.

Something Ridiculous are wildly entertaining… and as you might expect… ridiculous!


Frank Olivier

Frank Olivier developed his unique off-beat brand of humor in San Francisco… starting off on the streets entertaining tourists, and quickly moving into the Bay Area's numerous comedy clubs. He has shared the bill with Dana Carvey, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, and others.
He performed his act in NYC at the Broadway touring hit show 'Sugar Babies' (a variety and burlesque musical, starring Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller).

Olivier numerous television appearances have included The Tonight Show, HBO's 'Just for Laughs', Comic Strip Live, and shows for PBS, HBO, BBC, Disney and more. He also headlines in Las Vegas, at comedy and theater festivals, and performs countless corporate shows.

Frank is well known for his grace in handling volunteers onstage, and has brought up such luminaries as Henry Kissinger, Bill Murray, Sandra Day O'Connor, Kid Rock, Clarence Thomas, Jim Belushi, George Shultz, and hundreds of CEOs. He'll handle your people with the same ease and humor, and have everyone cheering the new "stars."

Chris Garcia

Chris Garcia, aka Draco Diabolo, is
an SF Bay Area born juggler who initially started practicing juggling in high school under the guidance of Matt Hall.  While he practices various forms of juggling, his favorite prop is the diabolo.  His love and dedication for juggling has lead him to teach workshops and perform at numerous juggling festivals on the west coast, even running the Santa Cruz JuggleFest when in college.  He is delighted to be returning to Humboldt this year for yet another great festival.


Chris was recently attacked by 3 guys in San Jose & JUST had surgery for his face & jaw last week.  He will likely have shoulder surgery very soon as well.  We will be collecting funds to help with his medical bills throughout the HJF weekend (passing the hat at the intermission of our Big Public Show & auctioning off LIVE ART to contribute to his medical bills on Sunday in HSU’s West Gym).  We encourage everyone to give generously (both in applause & dollars).  You can also contribute by going directly to his medical fundraising link:  www.youcaring.com/chrisgarcia-762251
  Thank you for supporting one of our kindest & most talented Artists!





Iman Lizarazu was born in a small village in the Basque region of France, where her family has lived for over 800 years.

Iman’s early years were spent in both the Basque Country in the southwest of France and in Moscow, where her father worked with the Bolshoi Ballet. She first performed on stage at age six as the Mouse in the Nutcracker. Here she began her training in classical ballet, and received a strong foundation in ballet and choreography. During these years, Iman was most often at the Moscow Circus training gym, learning circus arts from a bygone era.

As a teen in Dresden, Germany, she studied at the Circus School and continued honing her juggling skills. Iman tested into Die Technische Hochschule Dresden without attending formal high school. There she majored in Medizin Technik, (but didn’t enjoy seeing blood), so switched her major to Physics and Math. After two years, she went to Moscow and studied at the Lomonosov University. Iman went on to earn a PhD in Astrophysics with Honors from the Max Plank Institute in Munich in 1995. When she graduated, the faculty mused "the fresh wind had left the institute, when Iman completed her PhD."
Iman has been active in Clowns Without Borders since its inception in 1993, when she volunteered in refugee camps in Kosovo, Bosnia. In ’93, she also went to St. Petersburg and Georgia to perform in orphanages as well as teach. Her other Clowns Without Borders work includes performing and teaching in Cuba in ’97, ’98, and ’99 and teaching and helping to establish the first circus school on the east coast of Africa in Nairobi. She also worked with Doctors Without Borders in hospitals in Somalia in 2009. She was performing and teaching in Haiti in 2010, and performing in California state prisons in 2012.
Iman is co-owner and co-creator of Renegade Juggling, where she and her partner have made juggling equipment for 25 years.

Iman studied at the School of Mime with Marcel Marceau, and with Masters Julie Goell and Avner the Eccentric.



Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly
is a 21-year old poi juggler from Eugene, Oregon.  He manages his business, “Techris…Things On Strings,” and also is the head coordinator of "The Prop Gathering" in Oregon. 

HJF was his first juggling festival and was also where he first juggled 3-poi on stage. 

Circus Luminescence

Produced by Eli March and Scramble James, Circus Luminescence performs theatre, circus,
juggling, and comedy in a glow-in-the-dark wonderland of infinite imagination. Circus Luminescence's show is full of hilarity, epic combo tricks, acrobatics, juggling and a sense of play!

Dr. Bonkers aka Eli March is a professional juggler based out of Portland Oregon. Known for his fluid style, originality, and clean execution, he has become a highly regarded teacher and performer at Juggling and Flow Festivals up and down the West Coast. His past troupe, “Poetic Motion Machine,” won the silver medal in 2010 for Teams at the “International Juggling Competition.” He produces and directs the theatrical LED and Black-light phenomenon known as “Circus Luminescence.”


Jeremiah Johnston

Jeremiah Johnston
holds two medals in the world championships of juggling & is returning to HJF as a performer & workshop organizer.  Jer's performances feature thrilling stunts, big laughs, and fantastic displays of dexterity and balance. He utilizes his many inspiring talents to perform professionally at corporate events, private parties, and public celebrations.


Holly Johnston

Holly Johnston or "HollyBlar" has always had a passion for all types of performance art and loves to bring together unique blends of character and skill in her acts. She has been juggling since the age of 14, when she caught the highly contagious "juggle bug," an affliction for which her family was known to have a particular genetic weakness.  A former organizer of the festival, Holly is thrilled to return to the HJF stage and as always would like to give a shout out to all current and former Humboldt Circus monkeys!  A huge thanks in particular to the present day HJF organizers who work so hard to keep this festival going and thriving year after year. 


Brian Thompson

We are happy to have Brian Thompson return as an HJF performer.
His creative fluid style of juggling is mesmerizing. He’s also a “Flow Toys Doctor” & is great at running games.



Jennifer & Ayla Deacon

Silkydrop, aka NorCal Aerial Arts, aka Jennifer Deacon, has performed and taught all over northern California for about eight years. She has recently performed at Tourettes Without Regrets, Eureka Fringe Festival, and other private events. She is excited to be performing with the Humboldt Juggling Festival. It’s a favorite and always will be.

You can find her teaching aerial fabric and contortion in Redding at California Dance Company or occasionally teaching at Synapsis in Eureka. She is working on getting the next generation of bendies and flyers ready to overtake northern California circus scene.

Ayla Deacon is the16-year old daughter of Silkydrop.
She started climbing fabric and performing at 8 years old when she was a mouse in the “Nutcracker” with the Redding City Ballet. Since then, she has performed all over Northern California for private events, festivals, and multiple aerial showcases.

She can be found coaching and training with California Dance Company.



Harmonie Lyrics

Harmonie Lyrics a hooper from Bellingham, Washington