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International Juggler's Association
Largest juggling organization in the world, publishers of Juggle magazine. They put on a good festival every summer and winter as well.

Internet Juggling Database
The Internet Juggling Database (IJDb) is a resource centre for the online juggling community and anyone interested in juggling and its related circus arts. On this site you will find information about local juggling clubs and events so that you can go out and meet other jugglers, you will also find many links to other online resources.

Todd Victor, aka, Topper Todd
Todd, physical comedian and juggler with Jest In Time Circus of Fools, has performed in 12 different countries and now performs and teaches at fairs, festivals, and schools throughout the western states.

Todd grew up in a family of ten on a farm in Connecticut. He left to study Fine Arts in New York City. He has been studying and performing mime, juggling, and physical comedy since 1980. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fun Arts from Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Clown College. He writes his own material, and designs and builds the sets for Jest In Time.

Lizette Guy, aka, Li Li Zucchini
Lizette started performing at the age of 6 in a Hollywood movie, “So This Is Paris,” She spent the rest of her childhood acting out movies in her backyard and most of her adult life creating incredible drama in her real life relationships. It was not until she discovered clowning that she found a place to play out her dramatic intensity. “The more honest I am about myself and show the audience, the more they laugh. The fool’ is the unmasked human.” Her French Canadian background has been influential in creating her strong zany clown character.


Juggling Information Service
Just what the name says, lots and lots of information about juggling... good place to find information about juggling festivals, also complete listing of juggling prop vendors.

Offers a wide range of props, with guaranteed next day shipping. They also offer magic supplies in their other store, MagicGeek.com

Kenn Serrano
Kenn Serrano delivers a fully packed show in light of old fashion Vaudeville. Through the fine art of prestidigitation, a comedic twist of the present and a quick wit . Kenn opens the show with laughter and does not stop. From mentalist to highly technical card manipulator Kenn is a master showmen, and captures the essence of magic that will stretch your imagination. You will marvel at the incredibly intricate and exotic balloon sculptures. The dexterity and legerdemain is impeccable as Kenn bewilders even the most cynical of skeptics. The show finales with Kenn mounting a six foot unicycle.

Master Ongs Prop Shop


Get your flow on with Master's choice of props!
Simply amazing and incredible!


Matt Hall
Matt has been juggling since 1981 and has won several competitions in Diabolo & Cigar Boxes at the International Juggling Association.

 The Art of Infinite Possibilities

Beaverton, OR
Toll free: 866-55-HUSKY (554-8759)
Inside Oregon: 503-591-3277
International: +01 503-591-3277


Renegade Juggling
These people build, one of the best juggling clubs around. Renegade Juggling

P.O. Box 406 Santa Cruz, CA 95061-0406
phone: 831-426-7343 fax: 831-426-7344


Shea Freelove Cirus
Circus Skills: Comedy, juggling, magic, acrobatics and sideshow.
Phone: 707.3845.5842
Arcata, CA
Email: freelovecircus@yahoo.com


Solenne's Irie Fire
You want Solenne (rhymes with go Ben). She's unbeleivablamastic. She Juggles five balls, three flaming torches, contact balls and passes seven clubs. She spins poi, flags, staff, juggling sticks and fire. She hula hoops, does hat tricks, slapstick, balloon animals, clowning and more. She preforms and teaches children of all ages. Available for parties, festivals, schools, private lessons, creative inspiration and playful cacophany. You want Solenne.

Sparkling City Magic & Juggling
These are the vendors who set up at our last Juggling Festival! They carry a very large supply of Contact Juggling Balls, Devil Sticks, Diabolos, Yomega, YoYoJam & Duncan Yo-Yo's, LED Balls, Stage Balls, Juggling Clubs, Poi, Contact Staffs, Beanbag Balls and Juggling DVDs and Magic Supplies.

Steven the Clown
Can do: birthdays, night clubs, host/mc, jusggling, fire, glow, special events, festivals, big tops, small tops, any size top, theatres, schools, wandering minstrel, song, dance, online, in space...and magically all over the place!
cell: 408.515.2801
phone: 707.825.0817
Arcata, CA

The Spinsterz
A selection of fire dancing tools, collapsible hoops, Light up LED toys, juggling and various other skill toys.