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Something Ridiculous



It was 1984 In La Verne, Ca, and two middle class lovers had a child who they knew was destined for fame in the circus. They were so sure of his path that they decided to name him Justin Credible. This boy went out into the world as soon as he legally could and ended up in Bellingham, WA where he started his career performing with the Bellingham Circus Guild. They treated him well and taught him a lot of valuable circus trade skills and secrets. His tastes grew for the old time antics of the sideshow and he started building up a repertoire of sideshow skills. His most valuable trick he learned along the way is swallowing swords.

Anni Kϋpper

Jennifer Deacon


Chris Kelly


Eli March
& Circus Luminescence




Johnston Family Jugglers
Jesse & Holly



Jpeace Love Circus

The Pyromantic Circus Collective members Jpeace Love Circus and Cat "Hybrid"


AOK Clown & Wizard of Play

 A variety of acts to amaze, creative play becomes a craze. Unicycles and Juggle Pins, Torches, Machetes too. A. O'Kay Juggling Clown & Wizard of Play!


Brian Thompson

Sarah Lee


Steven Weven