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Humboldt Juggling Festival  Workshop Schedule

   Friday Gym 1 Gym 2 Gym 3 Room 125 Room 126
3pm The Modern Art of 2 Club Swinging: Kevin Axtell Advanced Poi Juggling for Advanced Poi Jugglers: Chris Kelly   Into to 3 ball Juggling: Ryan Culp  
  *ALL LEVELS* 2 Club spinning (aka "club swinging") has come along way in the past 10 years. We will look at where the art has been, where it is now, and where it is headed. Learn the skills and theories behind all the "new tech" that the kids are into these days. Cant juggle poi? This is not the class for you. Can juggle poi? This is the class for you.   basic toss patterns; cascade, reverse cascade, & basic concepts for growth  
4pm Club Shapeshifting: Kevin Axtell Tarot Reading For Everyone!: Alli T. Club Manipulations and How to Put Them Into Your 3 Club Juggling: Anni KŁpper Beyond the Cascade: Scramble James  
  *ALL LEVELS* This is a Club Manipulation Intensive that will cover a broad range of techniques including: Legos, traps, spintigration, archetypes, hinges, slides, scans, grip theory, and mantis style. Emphasis will be on the aesthetic the clubs create and fusing the various techniques together into one dynamic flow. . Bring 3 clubs or torches to work with. Learn about the Tarot as an archetypal divination tool for creative, spiritual, and self-development.  In this workshop you will learn club manipulations such as body rolls, shoulder rolls, contact... We will also look at how to integrate manipulations and body throws into your 3 club juggling! In this beginner/intermediate level class we will explore some of the next juggling patterns one can learn after the cascade. A wide variation of juggling patterns will be covered and I will work with you wherever you skill level may be. All levels welcome, and this is great for balls and clubs. 
5pm A Club Motion workshop: Kevin Axtell Intro to Clubs: Ryan Culp Diabolo Fundamentals: Jeremiah Johnston   Turn your skills into a show!: Eli March
  *ALL LEVELS* 4 and 5 ball creative multiplexing. basic toss patterns; cascade, reverse cascade, & basic concepts for growth Ready to add a fun and unique prop to your repertoire? The diabolo is a fun and attractive prop to audiences of all kinds and the basics are easy to learn! This class will start you out at the very beginning are work up from there. Practice diabolos provided.  Turn your skills into a show! Techniques and theories for bringing juggling and flow arts to the stage. We will work on character development, choreography, music selection, theme, costumes, stage presentation, and build-up/break-down of a good act. All props and experience levels welcome.  
Saturday Gym 1 Gym 2 Gym 3 Room 125 Room 126
10am       Club Concepts: Jeremiah Johnston "Bhangra Dance" North Indian Folk Dance: Veenadari Lakshika Jayakody
      The foundation to every club juggling pattern begins with a single club. Weíll explore a wide variety of possibilities and concepts that create the foundation for club patterns of all kinds.  Bhangra is originated in Punjab North Indiana. Itís a popular folk dance form performed by both genders.  Bit similar to Italian Tarantella dance.  So in this workshop I like to teach the basic movements with the Bhangra music and choreograph a peace with everyone. Itís very energetic dance form so having comfortable cloths is important.  
11am     Handstand basics: Jennifer Partner Poi Dance: Dyami  
      Get the basics for a solid handstand you do not need to know anything about poi or dance in order to participate in this class  
12pm   PMClub Passing Tricks, Tips, and & Techniques: Jeremiah Johnston      
    Take your club passing to the next level! Learn useful and essential skills for making efficient use of your passing time. Explore club passing's structural framework and possibilities that exist from that structure. A strong 3 club cascade is essential to participation in this class. An introduction to 4 count club passing is highly recommended.  
1pm Intro To Puppy Hammer: Dyami Linking Juggling Tricks: Sylvan Whitmore Stringing Diabolo Tricks Together: Chris Garcia GLOW ROOM  
  learn some basics of puppy hammer with drills and variations for fluid exploration  in the different modes  Know a few patterns or throws? Great! Let's put 'em together and make something weird! Learn how to master diabolo tricks and how to combine them together to form routines. We go beyond the basics of various tricks to learn how to maintain spin and correct tilt as you do the tricks.    
2pm Multiplex Juggling with 5 Balls: Michael Troyer Poi Alternators: Lance Woods Intermediate Club Passing: Eli March GLOW ROOM Contact Juggling Fundamentals: Billy Bull
  Join us to learn a variety of multiplex techniques using five balls! (You don't need to already be able to juggle five balls to join in and learn some things)  In this workshop we will be learning how to alternate between your left and right hand using pendulum versus circle to create different illusions.  Also go over how to do the same trick and one hand house in a different  illusion and effect Take your club passing to the next level! Learn different throws, rhythms, combos, and how to move while passing. Must be proficient in 4 count.    The fundamentals of contact juggling for beginners
3pm Intro to Poi: Chris Hanson     GLOW ROOM Intro To Fans: Loreta
  An introduction to basic timing and direction of movement. Some beginning moves to spark your flow.       Intro to fire fans. This class is the introduction to fans. Fans are like the extensions of your own hands. We will explore geometry behind the spinning, turns, isolations, slides, spins.
4pm Beginning Hoop: Val Intro to Rope Dart [Beginner]: Chris Garcia   GLOW ROOM Box Patterns: Sylvan Whitmore
  Teaching Basic Hoop Rope dart is a martial arts weapon that has recently had increasing popularity among flow artist. Learn the very basics of darting including spinning and launching. We will move on to intermediate tricks in the last half of class including leg/body wraps, and other cool launches.   Ball jugglers: come learn the basic box pattern or some funky variations and reap the benefits of thinking inside the box! (sorry I had to)
5pm       GLOW ROOM Reshaping My Body with Shapes: Tyer aka ( J. Tyler Pearce)
      Tosses are one the most fun things in hooping!
In addition to just tricks, the second half of class we will addressing aspects of showmanship and adding tosses to routines. Material covered will be; one and two-hand tosses, one-handed tosses, elbow tosses, foot tosses, bump tosses partner tosses, tuck tosses, tuck tosses with turns. If skill level and time is there maybe the pizza toss and my variant the calzone toss. In this class we will touch on all of them and more.  In the second half of our time while practicing the tricks I will demonstrate and break down some more advanced variations such as behind back tosses and other tuck-toss related movements. As we drill and practice I will also be talking more about showmanship and the art of eye catching tossing as well as the often overlooked motions of how to catch a hoop (discussing topics of outside verses inside catches, catching and tossing without ones hands, as well as various alt types of hand releases). I even hope to share some of my most recent work in non-linear plane breaking tosses such as the classic coin flip and spiral tosses.
6pm Gym Closes for the Public Show
Sunday Gym 1 Gym 2 Gym 3 Room 125 Room 126
10am Jesus Sticks v. Devil Sticks: Father Denial        
  We're going to juggle sticks the right way.        
11am Intro To Club Traps: Chris Hanson   Partner Acro: Trish The Dish    
  Intro to basic club traps and opportunities to add them to juggling patterns  

Fun partner Acro for ALL levels!

12pm DRAWING!!!  
1pm GAMES!  
5pm Gym Closes  

Thank You for Visiting the 2018 Humboldt Juggling Festival!