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The 2017
Humboldt Juggling Festival  Workshop Schedule
Location: The Spinner's Web The Bubble Facilitation Exploratory Laboratory (Annex) The Grateful Hall of Mirrors (WGym 125) The Trapezius Zone (WGym 126)

12:00pm Gym Opens


Play Evolves! Changing the Game with A.O'Kay Clown & Nani Nature, Bede & Denise SteenblockSmith **Using games and activities to engage people in co-creating play and performance. Also please join us at HJF Public Show both before the show and at intermission to engage the audience in play**
Beginner Poi With Bananash


4:00-5:00pm Beginner Club Passing with Watler Beals
**no experience necessary **must bring own clubs and preferably partner**
Beginner Hoop Juggling With Mckenzey Simper **3 Hoop Cascade, intro to partner hoop passing. Participatants must bring own hoops.**


5:00-6:00pm Beginner/Intermediate 3 ball tricks with Walter Beals  

7:00-8:00pm Ball on head balance with Sara Noelle **Come learn to balance a ball on your head! i will share technique and exercises that have helped me learn, and if there are any experienced ball-on-head'ers, let's play a game of "HORSE"**

Funk n chunks, art rock rock based in
Arcata, CA

Jammin with the jugglers in the gym!

Renegade Show!!!
Renegade Show!!!
Renegade Show!!!


Redwood Raks

World Dance Studio
824 L St, Arcata, CA

Location: The Spinner's Web The Bubble Facilitation Exploratory Laboratory (Annex) The Grateful Hall of Mirrors (WGym 125) The Trapezius Zone (WGym 126)
10:00am Gym Opens


3 Hoop manipulation and Toss Juggling with Mckenzey Simper

**3 hoop isolation technique, Legos, Participants must bring own hoops**
Cigar Box Jam Session With David Pham **Interested in learning cigar boxes but don't know where to start? Do you own cigar boxes and want to learn more? This workshop will have all the answers you need. Be warned that there will be a limited number of cigar boxes to try/use during the workshop.**
Partner Poi
with Ericat & Ash
**Bring own Poi**


Flow and Movement workshop
with Nebula
**45 minute Strength and Stretching workshop for acrobats**
12:00 to 1:00pm Diabolo with Chris Garcia Beginner Club Passing Part II with
Watler Beals

**no experience neccessary **must bring own clubs and perferably parter**
432 with Holly Johnston **423 is a 3-ball pattern with endless possibilities. Come and explore those possibilities with me! If you don't know how to do a 423 pattern, that's OK, if you do and are looking for ways to play with this fun pattern, that's great too! The only requirement is to have a solid 3-ball (or club) cascade.** Club Manipulation 101 oh, ok**This class will cover two to three club manipulation, we will cover some traps, scissors, some manipulation and some balances. No prereq needed, non jugglers are most welcome. All Levels.**
1:00-2:00pm Unicyle with Mark Wilder
**Beginning to Advanced Unicycle**
Hookshots with clubs! with Sara Noelle **There's a fun trick with clubs that I love called a "hookshot". It's a wrappy trappy kind of thing! It is a great trick to incorporate into sequences. Come learn some hookshots and steez up your juggles! ** Beginning hoop Isolations with Ericat Contortion tip and tricks with Jennifer Deacon
**Tips and tricks to build flexibility**

2:00-3:00pm Introduction to 5 Ball Juggilng with David Pham
**This workshop will give you the foundational skills to learn 5 ball juggling effectively. Come learn 3 and 4 ball juggling exercises that will get you 5 ball juggling success.**
Intro to poi with Chris Hanson
**Basic introduction to timing and planes available with all flow props**
Getting started in the Biz with VonJon
**Learn how to turn your favorite pastime into a business**

Contact Club with Marvin Ong
**This workshop will consist of instruction on ways to play around with the club especially with contact. No prereq required, if you do not how to juggle this is the perfect workshop for you. All Levels.**


3:00-4:00pm Wally-walk (Doctoring Variations) with Walter Beals
**3 partner passing patterns. Intermediate level**
Club Motion
with Jesse Johnston
**we will be workin to understand traps, scissor catches, and legos, learning to manipulate clubs in different ways other than throwing them.**
Contact Juggling with Billy Bull **Understanding the fundamentals of contact juggling**
Club doctoring
with Jesse Johnston and Holly Johnston
**we will be manipulating other peoples juggling patterns by removing, replacing, or sharing a single pattern**
4:00-5:00pm Ringabolo
with Chris Garcia

**Ringabolo (Ring + Diabolo) Fusion of diabolo and ring manipulation**
Poi Juggling w
ith Willow Solow
**Juggle Poi! With Style. I'll conform this workshop to whatever variety of skill levels attend. :)**
Multiplex Multiverse with Michael Rrhizae **Flowing with multiplexes including multiplex juggling with 5 ball** Beginning 3 Ball and Tricks with Jay Ryan **Did you come to this festival to learn to juggle? Have you been coming here for years and still don't know how? This workshop is for the person who has always wanted to learn to juggle, and just hasn't put the time into it. Learn basic cascade and other simple tricks in this workshop!**
5:00-6:00pm Contact Staff with Randy Lee Schless **contact staff. our focus will depend on my mood at the time of the workshop and who shows up. ** Beginner 4 ball juggling with Noah Corallo-Titus Poi one handed alternators with Lance Woods **In this workshop we will be 2 poi in one hand alternators. One poi will be doing a complete circle while the other one does a pendulum and then they alternate which one is doing the circle and pendulum all in one hand.**
Intro to Fan Dancing with Loretta Flemingaite
**This class is for beginning fan spinners. We will cover Fan relations, grips, and basic terminology. Students will Learn some new drills and techniques to work on as they progress in their fan journey.**


9:00ish Gym Re-opens after show



Location: The Spinner's Web The Bubble Facilitation Exploratory Laboratory (Annex) The Grateful Hall of Mirrors (WGym 125) The Trapezius Zone (WGym 126)
10:00am Gym Opens


11:00am-12:00pm Partner Acro with Trish the Dish      
12:00-1:00pm Chris Hanson
Inter/advanced poi 3D geometry
Games Start



Gym Closes