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2019 Humboldt Juggling Festival Workshop Schedule

Friday Gym 1 Gym 2 Gym 3
2pm Lance Woods and Brian Hirschberger Intro to balls
Ryan Culp
  Beginning club takeouts. We will go over some of the basic takeouts using both our right and left hands. Everyone can learn takeouts but to
truly understand it you need to be able to maintain a clean cascade pattern.
Teaching cascade and a few basics beyond that.

3pm One More Ball
Caleb Duffy
Beginner/Intermediate Club passing
Eli March
  This workshop explores simple and creative ways to add another ball to the jugglers current max
through multiplexing and stalls.
For those just getting comfortable with club passing or looking to take it to the next level. We'll explore different rhythms, passing the gap, throw variations and some body movement.  
4pm Beyond the Cascade
Scramble James
Flow with Clubs
Ryan Culp
  Meant for beginners to intermediates, this workshop will focus on giving you more options in your juggling.
After this workshop, you should have more places to go, more spaces to explore, and more fun to be had in your juggling. Juggling balls will be the main focus, but clubs and rings are welcome.
This lesson focuses on using your clubs like poi and combining juggling with poi.  
5pm Stringing Tricks Together [Beginner/Intermediate]
Chris G
Flow with Clubs
Ryan Culp
  Learn how to create trick combos with the diabolo, while retaining spin and balance. We will be working on intermediate diabolo tricks and combining them
together into sequences.
This lesson focuses on using your clubs like poi and combining juggling with poi.  
Saturday Gym 1 Gym 2 Gym 3 RWC 125 RWC 126
10am Creating Passing Patterns
5 Object Build Ups - Master Your 5 Object Cascade
Scramble James
  Learn how to use the Pictorial
Montra System to create new
and exciting club passing patterns.
5 Object Build Ups will focus on multiple patterns and exercises that develop the technique needed to juggle 5 objects. This workshop will be extremely helpful for those just beginning their 5 object journey, and be a great practice time and feedback session for those already on their way. This workshop will be directed with juggling balls and clubs, but rings are welcome.      
11am "it's a lift, not a strike" fiddlesticks/ devilsticks/flowersticks playshop, all level Glenn Intro to Diabolo
Chris Garcia
Club Manipulaton w/Kevin Axtel    
  Bring your own prop, we'll work with sticks of any kind, and there's something to learn for all skill levels including beginners and
experts both. I've had 30+ years experience,
I'd love to trade secrets with you.
Diabolo, aka Chinese Yoyo,
is a 2000+ years old skill toy
originating from Ancient China. Learn the very basics of diabolo including spinning techniques, corrections and balancing, and your first trick of tossing and catching. For the last half of class we will learn fundamental techniques to improving your practice, and also learn some other cool tricks.
12pm Intro to Rope Dart [Beginner]
Chris G
    Beginning Juggling
Jay Ryan
Holy Holes!
Caleb Duffy
  Rope dart is a martial arts weapon that has recently had increasing popularity among flow artist. Learn the very basics of darting including spinning and launching. We will move on to intermediate tricks in the last half of class including leg/body wraps, and other cool launches.     Learning basic 3 ball juggling. This workshop explores body throws and the 5 holes a juggler has the option to throw through a prop thru and catch in a another. Allows the juggler to start utilizing behind the back and behind the head throws much more effectively.
1pm   Multiplex Multiverse
Michael Troyer
  Poi: a look through negative spaces
Dan Betlejewski
    Take ball juggling to the next level with multiplexing! Learn to throw multiple balls simultaneously to unlock a multiverse of new flow opportunities. Including beginner level, triplex and five ball multiplex patterns.   Learning to create and use negative spaces with poi.  
2pm   Intermediate Hula Hoop
  Intro to balancing
    For intermediate hula hoopers. Will be covering escalator breaks, wedgies, chest roll pops, coin chest roll, and variations of coin flips. All will come together to create a flowing Sequence. Prerequisite(s): chest roll, reverse escalator.   Intro to object balancing, particularly with sticks, feathers, clubs, generally non-round objects. We'll be starting with the central concepts and then working on face balancing.  
3pm All levels Flower/Devil Sticks w/Brian Hirschberger     Basic Slapstick/Clowning
Sirk and Raygun
Isis wings
  Flower sticks and devil sticks for all skill levels. Everything from tic toc to antispin flowers and contact,
something for everyone! Some Flower sticks will be available to use.
    FUNdamentals to slapstick and clowning Come and play with isis wings. We are going learn some fun moves and create a short choreo.
4pm What a MESS?!
Tyler Spades
    Hula Hooping ISOLATIONs
Cat Johnson
Hands-free Partner acro for Jugglers
David Saunders and Brianne Cody
  Juggling “Mess” variations for clubs and staffs. We will introduce and work through several messy patterns such as Mills Mess, Lazy Mess, Sebs Mess, Lucas’ Weave, and more.     All things isolations. This workshop will cover a wide variety of isolation moves and transitions. Prerequisite: must be able to do a basic forward isolation. This class will explore different acrobatic poses that will be hands free. It will cover some L-base and standing poses and even some partner passing. Bring a friend or two! All shapes and sizes welcome!
5pm Beginning 5 ball juggling
Jared Davis
  Beginning 5 ball juggling.      
6pm Gym Closes for the Public Show
Sunday Gym 1 Gym 2 Gym 3 RWC 125 RWC 126
10am Improv Games
Holly Johnston
Some reasonably challenging club passing patterns Brent Fiasco 3 Club scissor Theory & Quantum Sensor Kevin Axtell Improv Games with Holly Blar
  Let's get together and play some improv games! We'll start with
going over the basic rules of improv theater and then fill the hour
with fun improv games!
I'd love to share "IVW" "it's a good one" and "princess shooting star" but will go with the needs of the participants.      
11am Club spinning:
hybrids and tracers
Wiley Gerlach
Kick ups with Curt
Curtis Carlyle
  Club Spinning Hybrids & Tracers w/Wiley Anderson
Wand & Torch Construction w/Andrew Sackman
  Learn to spin clubs and
put more dance and flow into your juggling routine.
Learn all the fun Kickups you can
from a real life kick up master.
  Learn to spin clubs and put more dance and flow into your juggling routine.  
12pm     !!Drawing!!    
1pm     !!Games!!    
5pm     Gym Closes    

Thank You for Visiting the 2019 Humboldt Juggling Festival!